Top 5 secrets professional traders will never share with you

Do you remember your first job you had after finishing school or University? Do you remember you being the newbie with little to no experience? Do you remember how your more experienced colleagues did not want to share all the shortcuts and secrets to the job? It’s like they want you to struggle and bump your head a few times and figure it out for yourself. It is because they were also at that stage at some point in their life.

I find the same to be true for the majority of Full-Time/Professional traders. They want you to struggle and force you to figure sh*t out. In some cases, it’s not a bad thing, but there are some things they could share that would save you time and money.

So the first secret is, there is no Holy Grail to trading. There is no perfect way to trade or strategy whereby you will never lose. Trading is ultimately all about probabilities, and your job as a trader is to skew the probabilities in your favour. So stop looking for the Holy Grail of trading, you won’t find it.

Second secret is, you don’t need more knowledge or information. As a new trader, you are running around and looking at every other trading strategy out there and you keep on adding layers to your trading. Whereby in fact you need to remove layers in order to refine and master one strategy so that you can become so profluent with that strategy that you are not afraid to execute it. Find a strategy that works and become the master of that strategy.

Thirdly, the market is not manipulated or against you. The market has no vendetta against you. You are either on the wrong side or you are trading based off of emotions based on bad experiences you have had before. Now the key is, you should not be trading off of emotions but rather be trading off of a systems-based strategy where emotion is removed from the equation.

The 4th point is, you have no control over what the market is going to do. You are just one very small gear in this massive machine called the market. The one thing you can control though, is your risk. Before you are a trader, you are a risk manager. Your job as a trader is to protect your capital. Without capital you can’t trade and you can’t make money.

And the last point is something that any full-time trader will tell you. All traders have experienced dark times. The ups and the downs. The wins the losses. Times where they thought of quitting and giving up, but through all that time and effort, things will start to click, and you will start to make sense of the art of trading. It is not going to be easy, but it is going to be so worth it in the end when things start to fall into place.

I urge every new and aspiring trader to never give up on their dream. Work hard but more importantly, work smart. You have the power within you to do something amazing if you are willing to put in the work and effort. Make sure you find a mentor who is transparent and who you can trust. If you’re looking for a mentor, we offer a Mentorship & Signals Program.

Also, slot into a trading community where you can share ideas and thoughts with like-minded people. The trading journey can become a very lonely road if you walk it alone.

May you find success in your trading journey, and may your dreams become reality, be it in trading or somethings else. Run the course and see how things work out. Trade safe and trade smart.

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